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The Master Achievement Plan: Where the Entrepreneur's Vision Meets Execution Online Class

The Master Achievement Plan: Where the Entrepreneur's Vision Meets Execution Online Class

$ 169.00

This is a game-changing online course with daily coaching from Lynn Richardson so you can move at your own pace.   

Are you trying to overcome the feast or famine syndrome of the entrepreneurial spirit?  Has your business stalled in spite of your business plan?  Do you feel like a jack of all entrepreneurial trades and master of nothing?   Are you a budding entrepreneur looking to get started?   End this battle with your business by creating your business M.A.P. and discover:   

Why Are You in Business?

When Does Your Business Need to Change / Grow?  

What Does Your Business Look Like In Its Ideal State? 

Who Are Your Prime Customers, Strategic Alliances and Essential Partners?

Where Do You Find Them?  

How Are You Going to Build Your Revenue Streams (Know Your Numbers)?

Upon completion, you will have a blueprint for executing the goals you want to achieve in your life and business.  Completion time:  two to three months. Go at your own pace.

The downloadable workbook is available on day one.  TO BE SHIPPED: This course also comes with The Symphony: A Guide to Creating and Balancing Multiple Streams of Income, which includes reading that is required prior to completing the program.  

RECOMMENDED COURSE: It is highly recommended that you take HOW TO START A HOMEBASED BUSINESS along with this course if you haven't done so already. 

This course is complementary with the Entrepreneurs Academy

 No Refunds.

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