Tax Reduction, Planning & Coaching Consultation Fee

Sale price $ 150.00 Regular price $ 250.00

  1. Get the Assistance of Richardson Financial Group Tax Reduction & Planning Service.  In addition to sending you a copy of my gamechanging book The Symphony: A Guide to Creating and Balancing Multiple streams of income, we will do the following:
    1. Review your tax return to determine your missing tax deductions. Missing deductions range from $30,000 on the low end to hundreds of thousands on the high end. 
    2. Help you set up your expenses each month and assign them to the right business category.
    3. Provide you with the proper paperwork you need to support your business endeavors (for example, hiring your kids to work in your homebased business, budgeting journal which also serves as a diary, etc)
    4. Help you submit your spreadsheet to your tax preparer so they will have few questions if any at all, like I’ve done for so many others.

The consultation fee is $150, if you decide to move forward this will be applied to your total fee.  During your consultation, I will conduct a thorough analysis of your homebased business, your monthly expenses and your previous two tax returns to determine your missing tax deductions. 

Why does the fee increase with savings?  The more complex your financial situation, the more time is involved.  In addition, the assistance of a book keeper or other professional may be required to bring your documentation into compliance (sorting through receipts, bankstatements, etc). Don't worry, our services are guaranteed and our fee is a fraction of the money you will get back into your own pocket as a result of our help. 

After your payment is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to schedule your consultation and submit your documentation, SO PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU TYPE THE CORRECT EMAIL ADDRESS and check your mailbox/spam for an email from