Lynn Richardson's Entrepreneurs Academy: Business Setup, Expansion, & Coaching

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Lynn Richardson's Entrepreneurs Academy is where you literally learn to run your life like a business!  Master Financial Coach Lynn Richardson and her team of experts offer master classes, webinars, live trainings and other tools and resources to help you start, makeover, build and maintain a profitable and relevant business. 

Initial enrollment comes with ALL of the following:

Consultation: Tax Reduction & Planning Consultation with Lynn (this alone is a $250 value  )

Book: The Symphony: A Guide to Creating and Balancing Multiple Streams of Income

Book:  Living Check to Monday: The Real Deal About Money, Credit and Financial Security

Book: Master Budgeting and Business Journal for the YEAR!

Book: Living Beyond Check to Monday: A Spiritual Path to W.E.A.L.T.H. and Prosperity

Book: Yes, You're Approved! The Real Deal About Getting a Mortgage and Buying a Home

EBook: Lynn Richardson's Bookwriting Rules


21 Days to Financial Freedom, Credit Health KitHow to Start a Homebased Business and more!

Income / Expense Worksheets, P&L Templates, Job Descriptions for hiring your kids or other family members, and more!

IN ADDITION . . . this is an ongoing subscription for $49 per month (you can cancel any time) you get HOME BASED BUSINESS MASTERY AND COACHING which includes one new module/master class each month, giving you time to learn and implement each element of creating a world class hombased business, LLC or corporation.


How to Start a Homebased Business 

Market Your Business Like A Mogul: Building A Global Brand 

Which Business Entity Should I Form?

Business Finance - Know Your Numbers & Avoid Running a Broke Business

Trademarks, Trade Secrets & Copyrights oh My!

Planning for the Decade and Beyond 

Insuring and Protecting your Business 

Estate and Succession Planning Made Easy

Business Credit & Expansion, Loan Strategies, Prospectus Development and Solvency Considerations

Models & Templates for Successful Businesses (Restaurant, Legal Practice, Online Business, Event Planning, Motivational Speaking & More)

Real Estate Strategies for Business Owners