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Financial Therapy represents an innovative approach to addressing economic issues. Individuals can better understand their financial behaviors, attitudes, and emotions by integrating therapeutic techniques with financial guidance. This holistic approach acknowledges that financial decisions are often intertwined with psychological factors such as anxiety, stress, and past experiences.

The goal is not to have more money but to be financially free.

Financial Therapy will consist of up to 8 sessions that will involve a combination of traditional therapy techniques of mindfulness practices, alongside financial education and planning. Throughout the 8 sessions, clients can explore the underlying emotional triggers behind their financial behaviors, challenge negative thought patterns, and develop healthier financial habits.

Financial therapy aims to empower individuals to make more informed and sustainable financial decisions by addressing financial management's psychological and practical aspects. It's a recognition that economic well-being isn't just about numbers on a spreadsheet but also about emotional well-being and mindset.

Individual and Group Sessions

Individual sessions are available for purchase and will be scheduled outside of the planned group sessions. Individual sessions come in quantities of 1, 2, 4, or 8. Purchase of any number of individual sessions includes access to all scheduled group sessions during 2024.

Purchase of the courses allows the student access to all of the scheduled group sessions during 2024.

Group Session Topics

  1. Financial Stress and Financial Depression: How to Handle It
    Explore techniques for managing financial stress and depression, understanding their root causes, and developing healthy coping mechanisms to improve overall financial and emotional well-being.

  2. Generational Wealth and Financial Problems
    Examine the impact of generational wealth and financial issues, learning how to address inherited financial challenges and build a solid foundation for future generations.

  3. How Relationship Breakups and Divorce Affect Your Money and Decision Making
    Understand the financial repercussions of relationship breakups and divorce and learn strategies for making sound financial decisions during emotionally turbulent times.

  4. Why Do I Make the Same Mistakes
    Identify patterns in your financial behavior and discover the psychological factors that lead to repeated mistakes, enabling you to break the cycle and make more informed choices.

  5. How Do I Break the Cycle
    Develop strategies to break free from destructive financial habits, focusing on creating new, positive behaviors that lead to long-term financial stability.

  6. What’s My Game Plan
    Create a personalized financial plan that aligns with your goals and values, setting clear, achievable objectives for your financial future.

  7. How to Execute the Game Plan
    Learn practical steps for implementing your financial plan, including budgeting, investing, and monitoring progress to stay on track.

  8. Staying Healed and the Learning Never Stops
    Focus on maintaining financial wellness through continuous learning and self-reflection, ensuring long-term financial health and resilience.


The information provided in this financial education class is for general informational purposes only and is not intended as professional financial advice. All content, including but not limited to, discussions, resources, and materials provided during the class, is based on personal opinions and experiences and should not be considered comprehensive or accurate for every individual situation. The content of this class should not be used as a substitute for professional financial, legal, or tax advice.

Access will be sent via email AND text to all registrants - YOU WILL GET IT 2 HOURS PRIOR - PLEASE be careful about typos - check spam. Load Zoom EARLY so you will be able to access the webinar.

There are no discounts or commissions on this course. This course is not included in any inclusive membership package.

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