Estate Planning Made Simple: Building Your Financial Brand Starts With Having A Plan!

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PREORDER!!!!!  This workbook helps individuals and families execute the estate planning process with easy to understand worksheets, questions, real life examples and sample legal documents.

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About Deadra Woods Stokes

As a licensed practicing attorney for over two decades, Deadra Woods Stokes has developed a reputation as a leader and wealth advisor.  She has earned the name  "Wealth Counselor" because of her sound legal advice to clients in the area of Estate Planning, Probate, Real Estate, Bankruptcy Reorganization and Business Succession Planning. Her insightful understanding of each client's personal needs and her hands on approach has enabled her to serve as a legal advisor to over thousands of clients and their families.


About Lynn Richardson

Named by Urban Influence Magazine as one of the 20 Hottest Influencers in America, Lynn Richardson is a financial expert, entertainment executive, tv/radio personality, and life coach who uses her quick wit and humorous presentation style to help others face their money issues and achieve personal, professional and spiritual harmony.