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25% OFF! Valentines Day is Everyday Special: Your Man And Your Money plus Living After Divorce

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Whether you’re happily married, looking for love or overcoming the pain of divorce, every day is the perfect day to love yourself and arm your spirit with power.  Get this dynamic duo of knowledge from two books guaranteed to do just that:

Your Man And Your Money: How to Get’em & How to Keep ‘em  by MC Lyte and Lynn Richardson 


Living After Divorce: 21 Ways to Heal and Move Forward by Ingrid Woolfolk

PLUS Join these three for a special podcast: Women, W.E.A.L.T.H.& Relationships meets Men, Money & Marriage for those who purchase the package.


About Ingrid Lavon Woolfolk
Ingrid Lavon is a business finance expert, corporate coach, and celebrity CFO who uses her politically correct but no nonsense presentation style to help small businesses and entrepreneurs create and sustain profitable lifestyles.

About Living After Divorce
Do you feel guilt and shame from your failed marriage? Are you having financial problems because your credit score plummeted? Did you lose your house, and now yiu’re starting over? Whether you wanted it or it was given to you, your life will be forever changed from your divorce. The book allows you to experience you journey from self-discovery (who am I) to self-mastery (how can I control me). But you must do the work. The journal included in the book will help you begin to experience peace and joy, while mapping your plan to have a little fun after living through a difficult time.


About Your Man And Your Money

Money doesn't solve a man problem and a man can't solve a money problem; but with the right man by her side, any woman can achieve harmony in her finances and in her relationship.  With a conversation oriented format, financial expert Lynn Richardson and entertainer MC Lyte dispel the myths and share tips on how they've received both: a good man and lots of money!