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LAAMP Manager & Assistant Training

LAAMP Manager & Assistant Training

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This is included in the Diamond Package! Or Gain Access with Dipping Into Diamond.

We’re all familiar with the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) requirement for college admission. Similar to SAT prep, the Manager and Assistant Training (MAT) class is a prep course to prepare you for passing the test of administrative excellence in the Entertainment Business. 

Misty Anderson and Dr. Lynn Richardson are entertainment executives who work with the following: musicians, actors, singers, rappers, dancers, writers, producers, glam professionals, marketing, public relations, advertising, and management executives, and book publishing and podcasting companies. They continue to thrive in the administrative sector of the industry, managing and assisting the careers of a diverse roster of talent.

The Manager & Assistant Training course covers a multitude of areas, including but not limited to: 

  1. Core Skills
  2. Keys to Excellence (Competitive Advantage)
  3. Common Pitfalls
  4. Building Your Net Worth
  5. Resources

Attendees will be granted access to a portal of existing opportunities. Opportunities are not promised or guaranteed.

If you think you have what it takes to start or level up in the admin sector of the entertainment business, this introductory course is the training ground for you!

This course is 2 hours, with extensive Q&A and celebrity guest speakers who will share more about their experience and expectations.

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No refunds.

This course is only included in the DIAMOND membership.  It is not included in any other memberships.  There are no discounts or commissions on this course.  It is an outside service provided by the Leadership Academy for Administrative and Management Professionals in Entertainment (LAAMP).

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